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Friends Only

My journal is friends-only.

Comment to be added. :3

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Yep. This is a comment.

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You were added like two years ago, faggot! D:

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Because I just put it there today.

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heheh i hope im there too !

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Yep. :3

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But of course

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You were added a long time ago. :3 I just got around to doing the friends-only post.

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Thanks for adding me :0 If you don't mind me asking, where did you find me? :3

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I watch you on FA. :3

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I do believe this is a comment, on what has yet to be determined.

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I added you yesterday.

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Am I there?

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Hi! After poking at your journal a bit, I added you back. :) Lemme know if there are any filters out of these that you'd like to be on!

Art Filter
Emo Filter
Venting Filter
Game Filter (video games!)
Roommate Filter (where I complain about my roommates, mostly)

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Sign me up for everything. :) I see you post in furrydrama2 a lot, and I add ya cause you seem like a really level-headed person. I like to get to know people.