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I just cleaned out my friends list on LJ. Mostly removed dead accounts and accounts that had not been updated for more than a year, as well as some names I did not recognize. If you actually do read my posts, and I removed you by mistake, just comment here, and I'll add you back!

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Thats a good idea. I should do that. I keep doing it on FA, but keep forgetting here. XD

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So many folks have left LJ for other sites or whatever so I ended up doing the same thing a few weeks ago.

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It's a shame. :( I've gotten to know so many people through LJ. Even met my husband on it.

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Oh yeah, it was the same for me. I met a bunch of close friends through LJ and the Fursuit community *when they were less militant about what material is posted through it* I posted on the community asking if there were any furs near my area and ended up meeting all three -- [ profile] greypaws, [ profile] mirage, and [ profile] fyrefang that way. It's crazy how things like that work haha

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YAY I am still here :D